I woud like to breathe and not see it

Its true: in a non-heated apartment room, I can easily see my breath vaporize in the cold air. Very cold air.

I’m back in Shanghai, back where it takes hours for me to do the groceries, and the temptation to satisfy the tummy with cheap instant noodles to save up on expenses is apparent. I’m donning a bonnet, just-bought ‘warm socks‘ from Lotus Supercenter, a black UP Diliman shirt over generic red long sleeves; I’d feel overly preppy if I were back in Manila, but here, its a cheap-ass way to fight the cold.

Only other good news I’ve heard so far is that we’d be having a 4 or 5 day Christmas holiday, and semi-good news is that I know the price of the Shanghai river tour: 60 kwai/RMB. Have. To. Go. It’ll be lovelier at night, I suppose, but I’m expecting my camera’s not-so-capable of capturing shots on a moving vessel, so daytime tour it is.

Ni hao? I haven’t blogged anything substantial for days, so I hope I get to go somewhere, or do something, soon.

6 thoughts on “I woud like to breathe and not see it”

  1. keysi: Our bathroom always becomes a steam room whenever we take a bath. Minsan nga, kakatamad na maligo e. Hehehe.

    ate: Naglalaro din sa ganyang temperature. Di na nga maiwasan mag-heater sa kwarto e 🙂 Pero wala pa to, January daw pinakamalamig e.

  2. intayin mo magsnow. noong first time ko dito nagsnow naiwan ako ng bus malapit lang naman kaya nilakad ko 15 min. dating ko sa bahay nangangatok pati sikmura ko sa lamig. pero masaya lalo na pag kasama mo mga bata(anak ng ditse gennie-2, kuya rento-3, meron pa nga 4 months bunso ng kuya rento) sa paglalaro sa snow. ate.

  3. ate: Wet snow daw dito e, pero lately daw, white snow na rin. Kakabanas naman yung mga taga dito na kasama ko e, tinatamad mamasyal dahil sa lamig. E ako, wala ako paki sa lamig, makapasyal lang.

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