In Shanghai, These Days

  • I’d have to wash my hands with heated water periodically, just to finish slicing some veggies for dinner, and baon.
  • I don’t have to store my yoghurt in the refrigerator. It’s chilled just sitting around the dining room. Same with my bananas.
  • No need to have cold drinking water; its already cold from the dispenser. FACT: water dispensers here can produce hot water, but not cold water.
  • The pail-and-tabo bathing technique is the best tactic when taking a bath. Showers are fairly unreliable in controlling the temperature.
  • Un-ref’d ooked rice almost doesn’t spoil, at all.
  • If you want to thaw freezer’d food without a microwave oven (we do have one, though), say meat, leave it out overnight.
  • Scarves are out of my fashionista-only clothing list. They are a must, the cold air stings.
  • An officemate quips: Pag naliligo o nagsho-shower ka ng mainit na tubig, mainit sa bumbunan mo, pero malamig na pagdating sa may paa.


There really isn’t much to write about, too, since expat-life has been fairly uneventful right now. I’ve been marked as that-guy-who-wants-to-make-pasyal. I don’t care if my ears or nose fall of my face from gangrene, I still want to discover China, dammit.

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