Near the Shanghai Railway Station

I’ve repeated my Shanghai mantra again on Sunday morning: I HAVE TO GO OUT. Never mind everyone I know here who’re easily intimidated by the weather, I don’t want to waste any time while I’m here in China.

No freaking way.

So, fully aware that I have learned only a few Chinese phrases, and a handful of key Shanghai locations, I clipped my hair, rode the bus to Lujiazui, took a few pictures of the vicinity, and started my anywhere-via-subway adventure by loading 50 RMB on my trasnsportation card.

That was before noon, when I still wasn’t sure where I would be going. Then the urge came: if I can’t go to these overly photogenic China scenes, I should look for that camera place my supervisor told me about. This was near the Shanghai Railway Station.

Shanghai Railway Station

I went to the wrong mall at first, fooled by this big billboard of cameras and tripods. Now I know why I can’t be directed to the right mall: it doesn’t seem to have any visible English name. No matter, I found it, and I was so effing darned pleased.

Ever been to Hidalgo, Quiapo? Have you gazed at amazement at the vintage cameras there? Those old, forgotten photography relics? Well, the entire fourth floor of the mall was full of it, dare I say, there’s more than ten times the amount of vintage cameras in this place. Oh, no, there doesn’t seem to be a good amount of digital cameras there, but there were plenty of boxes of pro-grade DSLRs.

An interesting bit: there was a smallm wall-exhibit of old-camera enthusiasts, with the almost-mandatory group picture with their toys. Lots of old German photography toys (Zeiss Ikons, etc.).

And there’s Lucky film! Oh God, there’s Lucky film, in 35mm and 120 rollfilm. These are now extinct in the Philippines, and the photography groups I belonged to has long-mourned its demise.

I’m seriously eyeing them Seagulls.

So, after two rounds of the place, I decided to leave empty handed, as my salary hasn’t come in yet. But, surely, I’m now dead-sure I won’t be leaving Shanghai without adding anything to my camera collection (see ’em here and here).

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