Podcasts Make Me Sane Part 3

The XLR8R podcast (feed/RSS here) -in enhanced M4a format, especially for iPods- is a pure music mix of hiphop, dance, and indie rock. A much, much better alternative than NPR’s All Songs Considered 5-second sampling of songs.

The Inside The Net (feed/rss) podcast does feel like Call For Help -the way I remember it, when old episodes were shown on UHF-TV Net 25 in the Philippines- gone audio. Its nice to hear a girl talk tech for once, but for anyone who has a constant diet of TWiT and diggnation, this doesn’t register higly on the geek meter.

Listened to Ebert and Roeper‘s Best of 2005, and Worst of 2005 shows. Nothing special, really, unless you want to have a rather narrow, US-centric movie watchlist.

Non-podcast related, but thanks to Shanghaiist for providing mp3s of the not-so-familiar-to-me acts of 2005. I’m not in an ideal position to acquire new music now, so it always helps whenever another site makes it easy to access. Oh, if by chance the Shanghaiist guys click on the trackback to this site, I’d like to ask: are there any good record shops here in Shanghai?

And no, I won’t be dragging myself to that bar again to check out their party: too many bad memories.


Can’t wait for the Chinese New Year. Need to buy film (Lucky!), and here’s hoping it won’t be a rainy celebration, since its been awfully wet in Shanghai for the past few days.

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