The Weekend That Wasn’t

My weekly pasyal in Shanghai was unreasonably abrupted by the thought that: I do get decent pictures, but wouldn’t it be so much better if if had a DSLR camera to document unfamiliar scenes instead?

So, I chose to stay at our Dongbo Lu apartment, my massive but-highly-unfashionable headphones tuned in to Hed Kandi music, which wil strictly function as mood music from now on. I wasn’t in the mood for Hou Hsiao Hsien films. The highlight of the weekend would probably be grocery-shopping at Carrefour, and nothing else.


The ULTRA incident during the weekend seemed like a distant howl in some god-foresaken country. Yet, it was my country in the news. We didn’t have any access to the Internet, or any English TV news during this time; this bit of info was just relayed via a text message to my roommate.

How awfully tragic, of course, and I don’t think it would be of any use for me to go on a tirade of how pathetic things have come to be re poverty, and the status of Philippine mass-targeted entertainment. I did work for some time, years ago, at ABS-CBN, and was a witness to how the long lines developed from the early morning until noon (I worked nights, too), with a now-dead noontime show. Its so damn effortless for any pinoy to get riled at stuff like this, I can’t blame ’em if they point a finger on the President (for not alleviating that status-of-the-poor) or that dimwit-of-a-host of the gameshow-in-question.

Alright, I wrote/spoke too soon re this not being a diatribe. So there.

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