Lost in Shanghai

No, the post title isn’t referring to the Sofia Coppola movie (if you Google it, you are not so-cool) its what actually happened last Sunday afternoon around the Jing’an temple area. I was looking for a shop supposedly 50 meters away from the subway station. I found my way back by tracing the luxury malls and posh hotels.

Earlier that day, I went to the other Shanghai camera mecca, the one in Changyang. More details about that on my latest Litratista.org post.

Backtracking again: last Saturday was another DVD-hunt day. Found and bought Donnie Darko and Me and You and Everyone We Know. Oh, how I believe that Cinema-Americana is well-and-alive! Darko is comicbook-superhero-geeky (Disclaimer: I am not, by far, claiming to be anything near a comicbook junkie), and Me and You reminded me of how screwy-fun my art-school friends were in college. Oh, yes, director-writer-performer  (of the latter movie) Miranda July is someone to watch for. Reviews of the mentioned films will probably come out on later posts.

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