Snow in Shanghai

I’m no different than most Filipinos who desire to experience snow abroad. I didn’t have big expectations regarding that arriving here in Shanghai, but this morning was a surprise.

It snowed.

Ok, I did feel a couple of snowflakes a few weeks ago dropping on my bald head one morning, waiting for the bus home, but it did go sunny quickly, so it wasn’t a big thing to fuss about.

So, while doing the laundry, and preparing to watch Me and You and Everyone We Know again, an apartment-mate exclaimed that it was snowing outside. It has been deliriously cold the past few days, a sharp contrast to the seemingly warming weather since Spring Festival.

Sadly, it wasn’t the sort of snow you’d have to shovel to get rid of. Albeit, here’s a video (a test vidcast/video podcast?!) of me and my roommate enjoying the scene from our fifth-floor apartment.

Download the 18MB video here (direct download here).

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