I am Rebel XT’d

There’s not much of an interesting story to tell when I just bought my Canon 350D a few hours ago. I started the day -after arriving home from night-shift work- by dumping my laundry on the washing machine, setting the alarm on my cellphone for 2:30PM, and sleeping. Woke up before the alarm, decided to postpone the camera acquistion tomorrow, slept, woke up an hour later, and decided to proceed with the plan. The element of time is important, since the camera shops close at 6.

Rode the 971 bus to Lujiazui, did the Line2-to-Line1 trek, and dropped myself off at the Shanghai Railway Station. Asked the store where I know someone spoke English, but they didn’t have the 350D kit in stock. Asked another store, which gave me a quote that was higher than what they gave a week ago, since they were running out of stock (that conversation was facilitated by an English-speaking camera buyer). Finally, I decided to buy the camera at a corner store on the compound, where the attendants had someone to answer my question on warranty, and pricing. I wasn’t able to bargain big-time, but I’ve already accepted that fact: I’m a foreigner, they’d charge me higher than the locals. I was able to shave off 20RMB for the CF card, and a UV filter as a freebie.

Of course, some shots (no adjustments, except for some cropping on the mirror-portrait):

First 350D Shots First 350D shots

10 thoughts on “I am Rebel XT’d”

  1. rain i didn’t know you had ur eyebrow peirced! SHOCK! what was the model u said that is good for me ? just the regular digital camera. ate.

  2. lefthand: May araw lahat ng naglalaway sa DSLRs 🙂

    kim: No need to react :p

    jepaperts: Yes, I’m having fun, but I worry for my salary, since, yeah, they point of having a DSLR is that you can pimp it semi-infinitely.

    ronna: Uh yes Ate, I am somewhat bored here in Shanghai when I’m not working, so I decided to do something drastic with myself while I’m still relatively young, but something not entirely irreversible. Any Canon camera model would be ok, but a Canon A510 should suit you fine.

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