The Standard Pinoy OFW Night-Out

The standard Pinoy OFW night-out, I assume, would be a hefty eat-out deal, and karaoke afterwards: this was precisely what I did last Sunday, but my heart was only all for the first part of the night.

The Brazilian Steak House is a few meters away from the Jing’an Temple, and bufet costs 76RMB. Various types of meat on skewers -beef, lamb, duck, chicken wings, chicken hearts- were being offered and served at each table. We, however, strategized this buffet wrongly: you have to finish your serving first, before being served a new one. Why? The fats goes easily solid after a few minutes. NOTE: buffet doesn’t include drinks, which by now, isn’t really surprising for the Shanghai expat.

Then it was off to a karaoke bar (the other half of the group preferred dancing at a nearby sports-themed bar). The first one we stepped into was secluded in Ba Bai Ban, and didn’t have wild-group-singing; instead, there were odd-paired couples in each room. Right. We shifted our route to nearby Haoledi, and while they were microphone-abusing, I took pictures in the dark (at 1600 ISO).

View the night’s photos here.

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