Studio-shooting in Shanghai

Mucho thanks to Adriaan (aka pixel, over the Shangeye/Circle of Confusion forums), I didn’t get lost going to the Derryck Manere‘s Zenith studios this time.

The place was near the JinShaJiang subway station, with towering apartment buildings surrounding it. Was on time for the meetup, though there was still only a handful of people at the studio. I didn’t know how to make out the photography skillsets of my now Circle of Confusion (haven’t asked about the origin of the name yet) co-members, but I was glad enough to know later during the shoot itself that we’re mostly amateurs, and, not-so-surprisingly, most of us had Canon 350D’s.

Interesting thing to note: these guys are the first non-office, non-locals I’ve met in Shanghai.

Theme for the Sunday afternoon was ‘playing with light, long exposures, short exposures, shadow highlight exposures’. I’m still kicking myself silly for not bringing my capable-enough Slik tripod here in Shanghai, though there were a few extra tripods to use at the studio, one of which I got to use (with a bit of difficulty). Samples from the shoot:

Two girls, a laser pointer, a torch, and more Fun with studio flashes 2

View the full gallery here.

Two weeks from now, the plan is to do an outdoor shoot. Here’s a farewell to always doing solo-shoots, and pointless trips to anywhere my feet lands me in Shanghai.

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