This Week in Review: Loads of Earwax

Sorry Abe, lifted your idea re weekly wrap-ups, which, I know, isn’t highly original, but you’re the only one on my Bloglines account that does it.

  • Buying a desktop/laptop will break my budget here in Shanghai, I know. However, some curious PC-research lead me to a how-to on building a silent PC. An alomost-one-kilogram CPU fan? Sweeeeet.
  • Newly-watched video blog: Geek Entertainment TV. Good watch, that is, if yer into this Web 2.0 thing, and its spawns.
  • Yes, its all icky-gooey talk over at BoingBoing, with so much coverage on earwax (the latest post). This is actually a rather personal topic on my end, since I do adhere to what they refer to as the Eastern affinity to the practice of cleaning ears. Oh, just follow the link, and read.
  • Acquired less than 10 full albums online: Nick Drake, Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah, Fiona Apple, The Vaselines, Brian Eno, Belle and Sebastian, The Cure, and some Sufjan Stevens live tracks. How? No P2P software, just Google. Two words: open directories. Ok, my secret’s out, so don’t pester me anymore, ex-officemates (the 2-3 of you who read this, I guess).

So glad that breaks my once-a-week main post habit.

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