From the Inbox: Camera-Talk – Film VS. Digital

> From: Jorelle
> Message: What is your stand in vintage (film) cameras vs. digital cameras?

First off, film, or film cameras, shouldn’t be considered entirely vintage. The major camera manufacturers still have a market for film, and continue to produce and innovate for this market, and, though considerably alleviating in number, it will not die as soon as, say, 2-3 years.

Secondly, here should be no reference to a ‘versus’ at all. I know its a tired topic, and it reminds me of analogies to other fields: Mac vs. PC vs. Linux; or, this is way off left-field, I know: one religion vs. another. I believe the Dalai Lama made a good point with the latter: stay with the faith where you are happy. Or something like that.

My personal take on this much-maligned, oversized and puffy debate is that I look up to those who have mastered the art of film photography first, those who have worshipped their Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson, and has transitioned to digital. Purely digital, no-looking-back, never-touched-film-never-will photography pros? Dime a dozen.

Mind you, the question doesn’t merit any provision of technical info that hasn’t been tackled incessantly before, via online forums, or your friendly backyard -and sometimes pretentious- photography group meetups. Also, I do not claim to have mastered either film nor digital, but I guess I do have a large-enough, web-based mouth to spew my opinions on photography.

Thanks for the mail Jorelle. Sorry for the tone of the reply, uhm, thats just the usual me when I tackle topics I’m fairly passionate about.


I know, this post reminds me of what Marc does. Hehe.

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