Visiting The Shanghai Museum

Before capping off the memorial day weekend -we observe US holidays at work- I decided to treat myself to another museum visit. I was intent on finding the Shanghai Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), only to find out that it also is that big building at People’s Square, more commonly known as: The Shanghai Museum.

Having read the blurb about the “Master Drawings The Museum of Modern Art Exhibit: Cezanne to Pollock“, I decided to treat myself: the entrance is 20 kwai only, anyway. The exhibit borrows 72 drawings from New York’s MoMa. How was it? Great show, though I usually find myself figuring out the media, and the creation-process done to make the artwork.

Then there were the other exhibits, where people can snap-away with their cameras. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel odd taking photos of museum pieces, especially photos-on-display. This was different though: these were sculptures, pottery, etc., and the artists have been dead centuries. So, armed with my still excellent-but-still-unfamiliar Canon 50mm F/1.8 II lens, I tripped-shutter:

Shanghai Museum Piece

Shanghai Museum - Wood Sculptures

Shanghai Museum - Stone Buddha

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Oh, celebrity sighting at the museum: Quincy Jones, who has recently offered to write the theme song for the Beijing Olympics.

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