A Punjabi Dinner and Viewing Huangpu River

Most Pinoys would marvel at how delicious and tasty Chinese food is. Binondo, Manila, would be the best place to get cheap, but infinitely versative Chinese cuisine. Here in Shanghai? Things are a whole lot different.

However, I won’t discuss how disappointed I am with the local cuisine. Instead, here’s a surprising fact: local, Shanghainese food is greatly influenced by flavors of Muslim/Arab/Middle East populace. Even sausages have hints of curry paste in it.

So, I found myself with my usual officemates/posse enjoying some good food, now in buffet form. A recent discovery, the Punjabi restaurant over at Jianqiao Lu, near Carrefour, sports a less-than-50RMB tag eat-all-you-can feast, with drinks! Mind you, restaurant drinks usually peg soda and fruit juices at a minimum of 10RMB, drinks that would usually cost less than 3RMB at your neighborhood convenience store.

And then there was dancing, and what seems to be a joyous gathering:

Dancers at Punjabi Restaurant

With really cute kids:

Three Girls

Onwards to Sunday, my roommate woke me up to tell me we’ll be off to the Shangrila Pudong hotel, since someone from the group’s mother was staying there. The goal: to swim in the hotel swimming pool. Of course, I’d really just rather shoot. Lo and behold, the hotel room we went into had a good-enough view of the Huangpu river.

Viewing Huangpu River
Good news, too: there’s now an English-language bookstore at Super Brand Mall, where I bought Italo Calvino’s Italian Folktales, and Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity: the kind of stuff easily wolfed by Pinoy literati at Powerbooks.

And there goes another weekend, whose aftermath, a no-sleep-all-day-Monday, had me slumped in unconscious sleep over the pantry sofa at the new office during lunch hour. Good times, good times. And clean, too.

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