Sweltering in Shanghai

City hot spell breaks 130-year-old record: SHANGHAI suffered through the hottest June 21 since record-keeping began more than 130 years ago as the mercury topped 37.3 degrees Celsius yesterday (June 21, 2006)[source]. So what do we night-shifters do? Go to work in flip-flops. Oh, but what also happens during this heatwave? Constant rain. Great, I know.


Finally! Was able to do a WordPress upgrade; no more sending referrers error. This also means I can post to Litratista.org now. Oh, and a blog theme update? Sometime soon, maybe. I’ve been using the same blue-white color scheme across different color schemes since… 2002? 2003? Yes, even those days when Movable Type was the blog-cms-of-choice. UPDATE: I’m running Hemingway Birght now, and it needs major customizing.


I’m eyeing the fairly new Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 DC MACRO lens, for my 350D, same as what Markku bought. I really have to, you know. Its for the future Hangzhou and/or Beijing trip.


And here’s what’s probably now normal for a blogger with not enough content to publish: a YouTube video. Here’s a two-minute clip of Zhang Ziyi dancing in Touching Starlight, which was released before Zhang Yimou’s The Road Home.

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