Narda, The Band, Not The Song

Over at YouTube, I had to go through several pages to see the Narda music videos. Again, the band, not the song, which I have no interest at all in hearing, nor view shirtless numbskulls lipsyncing to it.

So where was I? Oh yes, Narda. the only music video I have of theirs are two one-to-two minute clips I shot of theirs from their Fete 2005 gig; so glad I found these two:

If you can’t view the embedded video, click here.


A fair take on mod-flavored kitschiness. I have the EP -uhm, I have all their records- and the song is lovely.

If you can’t view the embedded video, click here.


I have not played this song as much as the faster ones on Formika, but that’s not saying its bad. Possesses a slight new-wave/shoegazer video feel.

Both were directed by Wincy Ong, Narda’s former bassist.

UPDATE: New Narda songs on their myspace profile.

7 thoughts on “Narda, The Band, Not The Song”

  1. So the rumors I heard were true, that there is a band named ‘Narda’ I’ve seen the video and it reminds me of Moonstar88 or Barbie’s cradle.

    Nice beat and music, wish there were more of their music.

  2. Its ludicrous to consider it a rumor. Go to their MySpace profile to sample their songs. They’re inherently indie, which I guess doesn’t make them as popular as the band who did the Narda song – which I haven’t heard, have no intention to hear, at all. The aforementioned band’s previous hits should be enough proof of how horrid their Narda song could be.

    And I’m being nice na nyan.

  3. Hello! Thanks for the love! Watchout for Narda’s album coming out this September.

    PS. search engines pointed us here

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