Fixing a Frozen iPod

Read Fixing a Frozen iPod. If you’re fairly familiar with hardware, you really don’t have to read what’s noted on the article; its what noted on the comments: (#4) When the iPod is OFF (very important, hard drive must not be spinning) put the hold switch on and give the ipod a few firm whacks on a covered surface. I’ve been having issues with my 40G 4G iPod skipping songs, not being recognized by the PC, and I was bordering on desperation already on fixing the darned thing. The comments on the article related so many success stories, I just had to try it. AND IT EFFING WORKED.

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  1. Hi rain!

    Dude I need your advice. which one is better…d70 or 350D? im using film right now but I want to shift to DSLR…but i cant decide.

    need help mate

  2. Allan,

    Dude, Canon is a lot more flexible for a lot of things. Ang edge lang talaga nakikita ko from Nikon, mas mura ang Nikkor lenses.

    Look for people na gusto mag-upgrade ng DSLR nila, tapos bilhin mo na lang sa kanila, at at least 350D nga. Pero kung bibili ka bago, at may money to spare ka pa, don’t buy the camera with the kit lens. Get the best kit lens alternative: Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 Macro. Lens ko kasi yan! Pero you can read the reviews na rin.

    Good luck pare. Milyonaryo ka na siguro ngayon. Tsk tsk. At bakit sa isang hinayupak na posts ko dito, dito sa iPod post ka pa nag-comment?!

  3. I really tried to resist smacking the hell out of my iPod, but nothing else worked. So I caved and punished my iPod with a few good wacks and low and behold it’s working. Thanks! I thought I was out a few hundred bucks.


  4. No problem Johnny! Just be sure to still be careful when whacking the hell out of it (Yes…. my iPod’s dysfunction did come back), since -and this is speaking from experience- I had a broken LCD issue that was not very cheap to fix. The thing just had a really bad fall.

  5. It takes patience, Frustrated. It’s that, or get a new one, and we all know which option iPod users will choose if they get to the point where they think of whacking the thing.

  6. I’ve been trying to restore my 4th generation iPod for a week now. getting as far as iTunes recognizing it but 1415 or 1419 error while attempting to restore it. I thought it’s become a brick…until I read your post. A few good whacks…and it let Itunes restore it. I’ve spent hours tinkering. Thanks a bu8nch man…I owe you one!

  7. im sick of it freezing it didnt work cause my ipod cant turn off ive tried everything also my computer dosent reconise it

  8. hi ive been looking for ipod help for quite a while now and tey all say to just press “menu” and the “select” buttons but it still doesnt unfreeze my ipod nano 4g. and the only way i can get the screen to turn on is by plugging it into a harger or the computer..
    wut do i do

  9. indeed, i have the same problem as this fella who commented before me. please do help. 1st gen ipod nano uses flash memory, so i guess the smacking trick won’t work. i’m just pushing my luck here. i’m desperate na kasi. actually, i’ve been searching for answers, and was happy to see a familiar language used here, pinoy, that is. ;p
    thanks for the help (in advance). thanks pa rin kung hindi kaya.

  10. I have a 4th gen 60G iPod that seems to want to turn on but only flickers when plugged into a USB port. any suggestions?

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