At The 3rd China Int’l. Adult Toys & Reproductive Health Expo (Part 1)

Saturday didn’t turn out as I planned -this is inevitable when actual people are involved- but eventually, I did find myself at the 3rd China International Adult Toys & Reproductive Health Exhibition (ADCEXPO), at INTEX Shanghai in Loushanguan Road.

First off, this isn’t underground, this is a legit trade show. Entrance cost 30RMB, there’re even a couple of lingerie shows held during the day. Not bad, considering something like this would never happen in the Philippines.

Did not overlook this bigtime photo-op, and short-video-op, too; might as well make use of my YouTube account, and my years-old Canon A85. More posts about the event soon.

Some photos:
3rd Shanghai ADCEXPO

3rd Shanghai ADCEXPO

3rd Shanghai ADCEXPO

There was also an S&M fashion show (yes, it was really about fashion, not S&M) held during the evening. Haven’t decided yet which photos to upload, but here’s a teaser:

S&M Show at the ADCEXPO

More photos to come, and will be found at this Flickr photoset.

Read more about the ACDEXPO:

Part 2: The S&M Show

Part 3: The Videos

23 thoughts on “At The 3rd China Int’l. Adult Toys & Reproductive Health Expo (Part 1)”

  1. errr, which one’s the teaser? the picture above it or the one below? ‘coz i hardly find those multi-colored-shlongs as teasers.

    though, i really dig those barbies. 😉

  2. hahaha too late, rain! i already told him about your pix here! he said they don’t interest him! :p mwehehehe

  3. Miss Cellania: Most are male, I’d say about 70%, and are 20 yrs and older. A small fraction are women, who are either participants of the expo (booth handlers, etc.), or with their male partners.

  4. It would be much better if there were pictures or instructional videos on how to actually use those things.

    … wehehehehe

  5. I am making a website about China and want to use images from the Shanghai sex show. Is taht okkay? I will give yiou credist and links.

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