Site Traffic Woes

Now, it seems to make sense to keep a Blogspot account. Also, Blogger sites are unblocked -who knows for how long, though- now in China.

My point is, I got another one of these:

I got the same email a few days ago because of this post. Yesterday was calmer, I got around 1/4 of the traffic compared to Tuesday. For today, its almost a third of Tuesday’s traffic.

And my account was just upgraded to 4 gigs of bandwidth. On Wednesday. No big Digg’s, no BoingBoing features.

Oh crap.

UPDATE: Hey, look here!


How neat. I’m now on the 6 gigs of bandwidth rehat hosting plan from Ploghost. Get their services! Tell them I referred you! Neatest thing to come out of Manila!

3 thoughts on “Site Traffic Woes”

  1. i don’t mean to brag, but it looks like i have more bandwidth and space. problem is, i don’t have that much traffic at all. oh well. 😆

  2. Bandwidth and space allotment (your hosting package)? Or actual bandwidth and space generated by your site?

    I’m not aiming for just traffic, really. Relevant traffic is best, and good ad impressions is most awesome 🙂

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