Saturday Night Wrist Leak

It just had to leak online, this album called Saturday Night Wrist by The Deftones. The listening experience is satisfying so far, but the search for the much-coveted files FOR SAMPLING the new record wasn’t easy; that is, if you do the Google websearch (on any band + record) + ‘rapidshare‘ and/or ‘megaupload‘. No kidding, that’s the easiest way to SAMPLE MUSIC.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Wrist Leak”

  1. I’ve been scouring the forums for this a while back. just recently did I find the right link for it.

    the album still has that “deftones” sound; rough, team-sleep-ish, lazy-vibe to it.(you know what i mean). moreover its a very experimental record, “U…Select, Start” is instrumental, i dunno if this is a first from them, but i didn’t think a filler would eat 4 mins. of an LP, and somehow “Xerces” reminded me of the beatles’ “straberry fields” … very experimental i tell ‘ya. one thing though, I can’t hardly make out the words on any song.

    I can’t remember the last time I purchased a cd, so I’ll definitely bag this, once it comes out here. A little preview wouldn’t hurt.

  2. Lyrics, so far, appeared to be inferior to what I heard, say, from White Pony. Overall, the album feels more radio friendly than any of their records. Record-friendly, I would like to note, doesn’t mean its bad. Its not just as…. abrasive.

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