Shanghai Zoo Photos

Huge. / Unkempt for the most part. / Stinking dog kennels. / Nasty elephant trainers with spikes. / Odd fish. / Penguins! / A real polar bear! / Clean the panda cage for everyone’s sake!

B&W at The Shanghai Zoo

Fish at The Shanghai Zoo

Penguins At the Shanghai Zoo

Prize Shot At The Shanghai Zoo

View all zoo photos at this Flickr set.

I hope to bathala I’d get a telephoto zoom lens soon.

4 thoughts on “Shanghai Zoo Photos”

  1. nice gecko shot, I didn’t think them reptiles can pose. maybe you can submit it to or as a SuSe wallpaper, thus adding hits! 😉

    that “disoriented” shot reminded me of “the blair witch project”. dunno why.

    2 more weeks dude! hahaha!

  2. dude, whats your email addy? I just bought a 350d and im just wondering if i can use BG-E2 (designed for 20d and 30d) ….something lend me hers…for a looong time.


  3. sanners: Ha! Di ko naisip agad yung SUSE a. Need to get back to geekhood pretty soon.

    Allan: Not sure, but I’d rather use battery packs na third party na intended for the camera. I have one, at mga plus-minus P3k lang ang presyo. Better ask Hidalgo or Canon people na mismo. Hirap na.

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