Leaving Shanghai

My contract at works expires on the 6th of November, and I decided not to renew it due to the unfavorable terms presented to me. Therefore, I’ll be hauling my ass back to the Philippines next week.

I’ve had dabs at looking for other work here in Shanghai, but nothing has really come out of it. I believe its still best to try an employment search to be based in Shanghai when I get back home, since I’ve come to value a number of people, as well as the promising opportunities, life and travel-wise, here.


The past two weekends have been spent socializing, and trying to get a grip with the reality of my departure: I am not regretting the decision to leave work, but there’s this immense hesitation of leaving Shanghai, a city teeming with that raw hybrid of East and West cultures, that will easily remind me of how it is back home, but entirely different.

I came here with a handful of expectations, mostly forgotten. Also, I don’t think I’ve captured the necessary moments I wanted on my camera, but I’ll owe that to my amateur eye.


I haven’t blogged about my Beijing trip yet, but I’ll have enough time when I get home.

I’ve reserved a slot for a basic photography workshop in Manila, a requirement to get into their advanced classes. I guess I’m a wee old for this, though.

Was just offered a chance to get into a job working for “the man” (popular 90s term; figure it out), and I’m seriously considering it: I’d welcome the new stimuli, since I’m sore-sick of the coporate BS a call center career needs.


Random portrait. One of the handful of people to miss from Shanghai (originally from Beijing):

Yao Yao

4 thoughts on “Leaving Shanghai”

  1. hmmm…
    you seemed to have enjoyed beijing a lot, and i know you’ll be missing a lot of things… and special people.
    a call center job really changes your life and i’m happy i’m not in it anymore. 🙂
    good luck on your decisions!

  2. I’ve mixed sentiments about my experience in Beijing. I’ll elaborate some other time :p

    Special people? Just friends, really, and its damn odd how dear they could be to me after a handful of camera-freaky meetings and the occasional chat online.

    A call center job has changed my life, but that job fueled my camera obsession for some time. But you do know how much I share the same sentiments with the mandatory corporate BS call centers reek of 😉

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