More “Settling In” News: The Stress Never Ends

Guess where I found my bittersweet memories of my high school and college days? Even copies of my birth certificate, and my perfect-grade college thesis?

In an effing rotten-and-wet concrete bodega infested with all sorts of vermin. Imagine the pain I was in, and how thankful -in a way- I was, that I came back home after only a year.



Wireless Broadband Internet is still not installed, this time, due again to the relocation of a lot of things in the house: I could not find my LAN card driver. Just bought a new one, dammit.

There is the actual hope that I will actually be online on supposedly-faster-than-dial-up speeds tomorrow: someone will suffer if that doesn’t happen (uhm, *points to self*).


So, no sleep Saturday night, and I went ahead and attended my first day at a basic photography workshop in Intramuros. Was the class a good bunch? I didn’t expect much, but having the impression that I taught my seatmate/co-workshoppers a bit on on how to operate their cameras, I’m into thinking there are more feed-the-ego Sundays from hereon. Reminds me a bit of how it was in my poetry class in college, where our professor couldn’t squeeze much of the mostly non-literature majors (myself included) to list their top 5 poets.

Was Intramuros photo-op paradise? If I/we had a model, I suppose so. We did only cover the Fort Santiago part, and at the latter part of the day during our shoot, rain fell.

Did I take good pictures? I probably have 3-5 good ones, but none earth-shattering. Long-awaited Flickr updates to be posted soon.


PLEA: Who has a Flickr account based on Manila with a PayPal account? Can you please please please please please do me a big favor? I’ll give you cash for my PRO account renewal fee, so you yourself can just renew my account yourself through the Flickr system 🙂 Please! Thanks.

8 thoughts on “More “Settling In” News: The Stress Never Ends”

  1. dood, welcome back sa pinas ka na pala… that’s good to hear.

    anyways, i’ll be sending the camera bag when my parents return sa pinas this december…


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