Online Again, and Half-Loving It

I’ve got one major worry to dispose of today: going online at home. The Smart Bro guys -after 4 days- have finally gotten a signal (not very strong, though: damn the mass of trees around the house!), and I’m now running on a wireless broadband connection in the comforts of zee house. And I’m blogging using Ubuntu! Err, I’m just running on the Live CD though, since I want to read up first on dual-boot woes.

3 thoughts on “Online Again, and Half-Loving It”

  1. what’s the maximum bandwidth did you get so far? damn DSL’s been f**king up lately, it was down to dial-up levels the other day, shit!

    You need not worry about the dual boot process, grub automatically detects Windows if you have it setup, it adds it to the list of options after reboot.

    A suggestion is to have partition magic in windows and a DOS boot disk before pre-ubuntu installation.

  2. Sanners: I’m afraid to test it… the Smart Bro installer dudes had a difficult time getting a signal. All I know is -yes, I know how to go to speed test sites- its faster than dial-up :p

    I was not so confident about the dual boot setup, but hey, I have that setup now!

    Kates: What kind of issues did you have before Edgy? I’m still on Dapper (I think). I’m keeping my XP partition, for major Photoshop CS 2 editing.

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