Unpacking?/Xubuntu, It Is!

Having no funds for a memory upgrade, further Ubuntu-related research lead me to Xubuntu. Having constantly used the Linux box for most of the day, I have noticed annoying stability issues with Gnome, which, could be partly blamed on dying hardware. Xubuntu is morse stable (read: a lot less annoying), and I’ve already set it as my default session/window manager.


Most used/faved programs:

Firefox 2.0 (web browser)
Gaim 2.0.0beta3 (instant messenger)
Firestarter 1.0.3 (firewall)
Automatix2 (automated graphic app installation engine)

No fave media player yet. Though one of my fave Windows apps, VLC (for vcd/dvd playback) is installed, and the ancient XMMS (Winamp clone) is here! Several iPod compatible programs have yet to be stress-tested.


Been 10 days since I’ve arrived from Shanghai, and my mess is still a room (ha!), and I’ve probably only unpacked 15% of the stuff I’ve brought.

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