Narda at Rock The Riles 2006

Oh I’m such a fanboy, dammit.


Once the news that Narda was performing at one of the MRT stations for a big band event, my initial thoughts was: hey, this is FREE, and I don’t have to sit in a smoky rock club with bad lighting to take pictures of the band.

Anyhow, despite today’s bad weather, I hauled myself from a comfy stature at home in Bulacan, and went on an MRT-bound trek. I have the list of bands with me that were on the RockEd Philippines site, and settled on an itinerary: Taft first for Narda, and after their set, head off to Ayala. I wanted to see Johnny Alegre Affinity, and I believe watching the rest of the bands for that venue would be better than spending my last weekend as a bum at home.

I was early at the Taft station, just about a half hour past 2. Minutes later, a hair-still-wet Katwo, Narda’s vocalist, went to the organizer’s table…

Katwo of Narda

I don’t remember the time anymore, but when Narda was introduced, there was wee disappointment at the station lights not being on yet. Daylight was too strong from the right side of the ‘stage‘, and I didn’t want to wash the band with my on-camera flash (First 2007 goal: GET AN EXTERNAL FLASHGUN). However, I was delighted that wasn’t a real stage anyway. No bouncers, no demarcation lines to violate.

Then there was a crashing dilemma I should ignore, and settle on an answer already (for instances like these): should I just take pictures, or should I allot some time to shun my camera for a minute or two, and just watch the performance?

I settled for: picture-taking. Katwo had the energy that was too uncanny for a cold, stormy Sunday afternoon.

Katwo of Narda

The Ayala MRT Station gig was fine, as I did enjoy Paramita’s and Ginling Festival’s performances. Pictures? Took some, but nothing came out notable enough to post online.

Post-processing the pictures later reminded me of a major boo-boo: concert photography, for amateur-me, would best be taken in P mode on my DSLR, considering all the unexpected lighting situations, and subject movements. Even if I did exhaust my 1GB CF card -the FULL icon flashed in the middle of the last song- I should kick myself shitless for not noticing I was set to AV.

Alas, there’s one more photo not posted here, and it happens to be my fave from the set. Come and get it here.

4 thoughts on “Narda at Rock The Riles 2006”

  1. Hello Rain! Thanks for watching Narda last Sunday! Can we put the pictures you got of our performance at our multiply site? We’ll credit you, of course. 😉

    chuckie (team narda)

  2. Hi Chuckie. Of course, you can! Tell me when its there already, ok? Thanks. Oh, by the way, just tell me if you want larger sized photos.

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