One Of The Most Popular Pinoy Blog Posts of 2006 Can Be Found Here

Skip this entry if blog stats and semi-analysis bore you.


There is an actual semi-aversion to SEO-isms on my end, and that’s an apparent factor why I’ve never gone pro-blogging, despite my starting way back 2001. I know, I’m missing out. People have actually BOUGHT STUFF that would be a bit difficult to earn from a deskjob. Probably, someday.

Michael of Basang Panaginip emailed me regarding the ranking of my At The 3rd China Int’l. Adult Toys & Reproductive Health Expo post at #14 (of 14!) on his Most Popular Pinoy Blog Posts for 2006. Honestly, I’m not surprised, though I’ve already posted my sentiments on this post as to how the said post could’ve been more popular. I’ve always regarded the post-series as a half-successful blog experiment. Here’s to the hope that there’s something else blog-relevant out there to write about -or for that idea to create very original and popular content to pop up and dawn on me- to serve as my blog savior, and make this site a lot more profitable.


I’ve talked with Anton of Our Awesome Planet (nice to finally meet you, man!) last Wendesday, during the Flickr Pilipinas Christmas party, and besides the photography-related kwentuhan, we also talked on blogging, how we both couldn’t go to the PinoyBlog network (it includes PinoyTechBlog, where I sometimes-write) Christmas party (held yesterday at some posh-y resto I couldn’t afford to go to), and how important it is to not dwell on one’s blog’s past victories, and just try to have a keen eye on what new hot topic will come up next, and blog about it.

As an afterthought, this December is a phenom/freak-month, as I don’t remember being invited to so many get-together’s for a very, very long time.


OFF-TOPIC: I’ve recreated the archives, set it up with Extended Live Archives again, and realized I’ll be adding a 4th year in a few weeks. The feeling I’m getting now is an odd blend of awe, and a sense of purposefulness/purposelessness in this documented online life.

Thanks for reading, if you made it up to here.

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  1. You’re welcome. Its not the voice, really. Main point: my interests are not locally or globally popular, hence not-so-profitable. Something I have to live with, I guess.

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