My 2006 Budget PC Upgrade: UPDATED

I’ve concluded -not an expert-y conclusion though, mind you- that my few-years old ASUS motherboard is dead. Been a good run, though. I’ve thought over just getting a new motherboard, versus upgrading, and I’ve chosen the latter.

Since my payment options practically lead me to PC Express for parts, here’s the tight, something around 10K budget that I’ve come up with:

Sempron 3200+ Box w/ fan (AM2)
MSI K9NGM-L Gforce 6100 V-pcie/S/L
Kingston 512Mb PC667 ddr2
A generic 500w PSU’d casing

*Settled for AMD’s new socket (AM2), since some online readings have been positive about it.

*Decided on a Sempron, because I don’t have much monetary power now.

*The MSI board took days of research to settle on, and the one major gripe is: only two PCI sockets, though a win factor: 2 IDE sockets, since I’m not SATA-HDD capable YET. I’m making calculated guesses that it’s Vista-ready, too.

*Branded RAM?! Yes, because the MSI site says so.

*I would’ve liked to keep my current casing, but it seems more expensive to get a 500w power supply separately.

To the handful of readers of this humble blog, what do you think?

I’ll try to get the rig this Saturday. No, this is not a Christmas gift to myself. This just makes more sense than replacing the motherboard, and I do want to make full use of my wireless broadband, which I am paying for.


The actual upgrade consists of:

Intel Pentium D 820 (2.8G) 800Mhz – Budget Dual Core, HA!
MSI P4M890M-L Motherboard – Real small, and real red. Core 2 Duo ready.
Kingston 512 PC533 DDR2 RAM – MSI mobos are said to be picky with cheap RAM
Shinobi PC Casing – Huge, but well ventilated and not as noisy as my old rig.

All this for PHP13,150 at PC Gilmore. And the obvious questions is: Why go Intel? The answer is: I thought about going dual core, since my brother suggested it -he pays for the entire rig, and I pay half of it later, via blog revenue- and even if I know Athlon blows Intel dual core chips, I couldn’t afford it.

Next purchase? Help me on this: more RAM, or a videocard? Max budget is PHP3k, or unless you convince to think otherwise.

10 thoughts on “My 2006 Budget PC Upgrade: UPDATED”

  1. i’ll also be making a trip to pc express pero next year pa pre. anyway, thanx for visiting. re the group, there should be some shaking that needs to be done within the admin level. pero sila na bahala dun meri xmas na lang :p

  2. Yeah! AMD all the way man! good thing you got the AM2 socket, and yes, I’ve been hearing much positive reviews about it too. when it comes to performance/budget (and even if you have a hefty budget) nothing beats AMD.

    Ignore J’s comment, don’t ever trust a DELL-boy … hahaha! peace!

  3. estan: Merry Xmas din, pre.

    J: Just need a vidcard upgrade, should be enough to tide me for the first quarter.

    sanners: Uhm, wait in a few minutes, I’ll update this entry. I’m actually doing this now in a severely firewalled PC, and to bypass it, I have to use the Google Mobile Browser. Dang.

  4. Emerson: XP muna for now. I know, I know. Maybe when I get an Edgy CD. And work slowed me to indulge in the GNU-Linux goodness, so this will do for now.

  5. When the connection goes back to ‘fast-and-stable’, and I’d have time, I’d get the GNU-Linux distros for testing. But right now, doesn’t seem practical, since I do have to download packages for normal operation (on GNU-Linux, specifically Ubuntu).

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