IKA-2 BANAT flickristas@the_jewellery: A Photo Exhibit

NOTE: I will be exhibiting two photos (one photo for the first half of January, the second during the second half). Please do find the time to visit the venue. Thanks.

After satisfying your stomach during the holiday feast, it’s time to indulge your eyes on images that will surely be a treat!

Troop to Greenhills Shopping Center this January and be wowed by captivating images on exhibit at The Jewellery Gallery located at the second floor of the shopping complex.

Dubbed as “Ikalawang Banat: Flickristas@The Jewellery,” this month-long photo exhibit is being staged by a group of photography enthusiasts with skills and talents at par with the best in the industry. The exhibit is expected to attract people from all walks of life as featured photos will be of people, nature, urban life, and of ordinary objects seen from a fresh angle.

The photographers are members of the Philippines group in flickr.com, a photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo!. “Ikalawang Banat: Flickristas@The Jewellery” is the group’s second photo exhibit. It will be divided into two shows, each lasting two weeks and featuring different set of photos. The first show will run on January 1-15 and the second on January 16-31.

It will also be an opportune time for families to deck their walls with fresh images for the new year as the photos on show will also be available for purchase to viewers.

Photo below, taken during the exhibit setup a few hours ago:

Ika-2 Banat Exhibit Setup

Visitors are encouraged to inquire about purchasing their favorite photos *wink, wink*

15 thoughts on “IKA-2 BANAT flickristas@the_jewellery: A Photo Exhibit”

  1. ang galing mo. hantik ka talaga. i am sure the rest of our FPPF BP batchmates will be proud of you. hope they have the time to visit your exhibit. very good start of 2007.

  2. aba! classmate! galing a!!
    will find time to go there para magpa-autograph!
    resve email from Ka Ocs
    nice job!

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