How I Spent the Holidays with Family: 2006 Year End Notes, Part 2

Overdue post, yes. And here’s the photo-guided walkthrough as to how I spent the holidays.

What’s left of the Contreras siblings who’re still situated in the Philippines -three brothers; my sister’s in Canada- spent Christmas eve together with the nephews, and, behold, the news of a newborn niece. This is the first time I’ve witnessed my godson/first nephew in all his kid-smart glory, as he’s already an argument expert.

Enzo Contreras

He was terribly difficult to photograph, as he pleaded that I shouldn’t. Good thing Andre, the second nephew, still couldn’t talk his way out of his tito‘s persistence to shoot.

Andre Contreras

My niece was still in the incubator, and all I could photo-document was a hint of her, and the incubator. Soon, hopefully, I’d be able to post a photo of the latest addition to the Contreras clan.


New year’s eve was spent with relatives in Novaliches, with my favorite blood-kin, niece-via-cousin, kinakapatid, and inaanak sa kumpil Jowee, who preferred not to be photographed that day. However, two other nieces-via-cousin were both game for the camera.


The adorable Macy, who already modeled when she was younger, for a school billboard ad.


And equally adorable Tep-tep, Macy’s older sister.


But how was MY Christmas day, 2006? I couldn’t remember much of it, since I’ve gotten the habit of not expecting much of the occasion, except that I shouldn’t show much of my face to house visitors for the day, since I didn’t have money allotted to give away.

And how was MY New Year’s day, 2007? Well, see, I was at work.

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