The Next Big Purchase?

It makes a lot of sense to allot the money you earned from a photography-related endeavor, to a photography equipment purchase. Definitely, what I got form the monumental sale isn’t even enough to buy a lens, but it helps bump up the still non-existent budget.

But anyway, let me tell you what I want, why I want them, and why I probably won’t buy them anyway:

Canon Speedlite 430EX – This good-enough, PHP13K flash unit is a nice match for any amateur-grade DSLR camera. I’ve decided to NOT to get the Sigma EF 500 DG Super, as the reviews I’ve read about it are still mixed.

Why I should buy it: Every DSLR camera owner MUST have one.

Why I won’t buy it (yet): I’d love to learn flash photography, but based on the current photography applications I’m into right now, there’s no dire need for a separate flash unit, but again, before any other camera-related purchase, this will still be a priority.


Epson Perfection 4490 – A flatbed scanner that scans 35mm AND 120 medium format film. I’ve a few Shanghai -based Flickr friends (Craig, and Peter) who use this scanner model for their TLR camera (Rolleiflex, Yashica, Seagull) work, and the results look fine on their respective photostreams.

Why I should buy it: Because I heard local Fuji labs now charge big-time for per frame (!) for medium format scans.

Why I shouldn’t buy it: At a local store catalog, it costs near PHP20K, which isn’t very practical, as I just do ocassional, hobby-grade medium-format photography anyway, with toy cameras (Holga, Lubitel 166B). If it cost around PHP10K, it would be something to seriously ponder on.


Fujifilm Natura Classica film camera – I’ve handled one, but the bug caught me just months after, when I introduced it to one nutty person. Take a look at what Flickr has on this limited edition loveliness here.

Fuji Natura Classica

Why I should buy it: Its the perfect pocket film camera for low-light (f/1.9!). It has that cool-factor to it, but at least I know I’m giving in to robust, dependable Jap technology, compared to a hyped-up cult camera I’d only probably buy for, say, PHP500. Also, once night falls, I can set aside my vintage SLR’s and RF’s, and take this baby out.

Why I shouldn’t buy it (yet): I wouldn’t know where to find it, its only officially available in Japan, and its not very cheap for a point-and-shoot film camera: it averages out to (for a good deal) $200-250 online.

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