Office Living/Where I’ll Be This Sunday

I can’t believe this company and this work made me, uhm, work this much.


Fact is, I’ve stayed 2 days straight in the office, slept on a mattress on the office floor, with a Spidey Dakki pillow, showered in a room where everyone pees. First day was because there was a seminar I needed to attend, and the second (today) was, well, because I wanted to see if I could stay a day more.

So far, so good.


As I have settled rather well in this side of Quezon City, and there’s this dire need to shoot, I’ll be going to the LivELY: A Fundraising Concert for the Benefit of Ely Buendia this Sunday here at Eastwood. Oh, and its FREE, so the only hindrance I believe for anyone who wants to go would be this god-forsaken location.


Minor photography update: my 2+ year old Canon A85 conked out, and thankfully, this model is part of the digicam recall for defective CCD’s. In English, this means I should get this repaired for FREE.

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