On Being Fave’d, Birth of RFilipinas, and More From the Weekend

Franz of last year’s BarCamp Shanghai featured me as a Flickr Favorite recently. Never met the guy, but I’m glad and thankful he took the time to expose my li’l hobby in his part of the world.

I was looking for the German/Deutsche translation for ‘thank you’, but I’ll settle for Mandarin instead: Xie xie ni!


In local photography news, RFilipinas is born:

If you are a Filipino and is using or planning to use rangefinder cameras, you are legible. We encourage membership in the rangefinderforum.com (RFF) but it is not an absolute requirement. And you need not be a resident of the Philippines. Policies are still to be set, however. What is clear is that the prospective member has or is planning to get into rangefinder photography. Be part of the organizing core.

No formal online group has been set yet, so head on over to the ToyKameraPilipinas group (the temp home), and join us.

For more info on rangefinder cameras, read the Wikipedia article here.


Yes, I went to the Philballoonfest 2007 last Saturday at Clark Field, Pampanga. Behold, a ho-hum photo:

At the Philballoonfest 2007

It was an unplanned, sudden, not wholehearted decision to go there. But then I did, and didn’t even bother to get a pass to cross over the fence.


And in family news, since the mango trees have been harvested, we had relatives coming at the house, which means an insta-photo-op for me, if they bring kids.

Here’s Rianna, my first cousin Rhea’s daughter:


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