On UP Fair 2007

I was going with an officemate to the UP Fair last night, and just when we were trying to find parking space, she backed off when she saw someone stealing a side mirror from a car. So I went alone.

Then I was reminded that this event was scum central.

Oh how could I be so harsh? I am still a ‘rocker‘ by loose definition. These youngsters with their quasi-punk vibe, standard black shirt, and a penchant for things that come with the rockfan lifestyle look like they are there to enjoy the gig. However, if you and your posse finds it cool to be brash (and stupid) for the sake of being brash (and stupid), then you are scum.

So, I was glad I wasn’t with any one I would have the slightest concern of safety for, since whoever that person would be, my number one priority would be my freaking camera.

Hence, some random photos:

Band Photographer at UP Fair 2007

Girl on Stage at UP Fair 2007


Tomorrow, my new RF (rangefinder!) group will shoot at Binondo’s Chinese New Year Festival. Contact me if you want to join in.

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