Site Re-Design: Back To Basics

I’m not 100% sold on this incomplete re-design (from the fabulous Squible [Xie xie for the great service rendered to this site!], to K2), but I am getting used to how’s it been looking for the past few minutes.

Oh, why the change, anyway? Simple: got tired of the same look for x number of years.

Why K2? And why the Blackboard style for K2?

First: I want to keep the power of Asides posts, and I haven’t seen any theme-to-transition-to from the previous one I’ve been using that will achieve this easily as K2 (which was part of the basis for Squible). Also, based on the default non-inline positioning of Asides on K2, I’m assuming these bullet, mini-posts will get a little more attention than before.

Second: blue was never my color, and I’ve been using almost the same hue for years, since I started using WordPress. If you know me personally, you’d know I’m the black shirt guy, and you’d easily cross out words like ‘goth‘ or ‘heavy metal‘ to append to that description, since I’m obviously neither (admittingly, I am still a fanof the latter, though).

Third: I do want to go back to basics, strip the site down to the essentials. The former design was simple enough, but I’m assuming the layout will be a wee daunting for those unfamiliar with fancy navigation.

Fourth: Uhrm, I miss the simpicity of adding links, and random things on a sidebar. I was dead-set on a three-column K2 theme, but this change was mainly to streamline, and simplify the content layout on the site.

Next in this re-design project:

Build a better link list! In the process, be part of the blog social scene, at least on line.

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5 thoughts on “Site Re-Design: Back To Basics”

  1. Dude the layout sucks in IE, your sidebar drops to the bottom. Not that I care really (I use what you use), I’m just concerned for those potential readers who happen to use that darn-stupid browser.

    And yes, I am too, a fan of the latter. cheers!

  2. I think rain sa IE6 lang ang problem
    I am using K2 as well.
    Wala pa kasi ulit oras magdesign ako ng sarili kong theme
    Designing for others for a little something lang heehehehe 😀

  3. karla: Yung site mo nga basehan ko din kung ano gusto ko sa bagong theme e, tsaka kung ano mga pwede idagdag :p Pero wala akong makitang 3-column K2 na trip ko. Hmm. Nah, parang ayoko nang MUNA dun sa pay-for-blog-setup. Wala naman ako masyadong skillz tulad mo e :p

    sanners: Good, good. Though…. I didn’t do anything :/

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