RFilipinas 3rd Meetup/A Glimpse of Pre-War Manila

RFilipinas (RF [rangefinder] + Filipinas), the new camera group that I belong to c/o ToyKameraPilipinas founder Jay Javier, just concluded its third meetup today. Well, I’m not even really sure if people stopped drinking wine (yes, wine) before midnight, since I have work this Saturday evening.

Two projects for the group are now brewing, but since both are just in their planning stages, details won’t be divulged on this site just yet. Aside from brainstorming, there was the inevitable camera talk as Leica‘s and Rollei 35‘s were handed over to the eager. Though what was to me the most interesting part of the gathering were the food and history talk.

It was probably the wine -> cheese -> 6,000 peso per-head Manila resto -> cats-in-a-sack cooked by someone in Baguio oil and singing Anak discussion route. The only topic I contributed to the exotic food trail would be noting the Chinese fascination for stinky tofu, which I never did eat. I would have taken notes, but I’m confident that this topic will come up again anyway.

As for the history part, this was expected, since we were all bound together by anything related to classic photography anyway. Then it was talk about the old neglected cinemas around Manila that were sadly torn down. Minutes after the topic, Direk Uro (of Bubble Gang and Scorpio Nights [he wrote the film] fame) urged everyone to look for a Google-hosted video, using the ‘old manila‘ search string:

A heartbreaking video-documentation of pre-war Manila, where you can see tranvias, and an actual sand-beach where (I think) Malate and baywalk now stands.

And if you, dear reader, are curious about rangefinders, do consider visiting us at the ToyKameraPilipinas group (temp house of RFilipinas). Rangefinder camera not required, but you’ll probably die of envy anyway, and order one at eBay the soonest time possible.

UPDATE: Eddie from the group posted a slideshow of the meetup here.

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