This Week In Review: From Another Site Re-Deisgn to ATHF

It has happened countless times before, but I’ve had the intention to be an active daily blog poster this week, since everything else around me decided to stay put and do/be nothing.

Some personal highlights:

  • I won’t be going to the US for company-sponsored training any time soon. Details end here.
  • Site re-design AGAIN. I’ve always liked what the 3 column layout does to efficiently order content, and ads. I just wish I had the time and pratical know-how to optimize this. Alex King’s site was the ultimate convincing factor.

In photography:

In music:

In cinema:

In tech, and the internets:

4 thoughts on “This Week In Review: From Another Site Re-Deisgn to ATHF”

  1. Thanks for the feedback Timbo. Its not an easy-ass interface, I know, but I hope it just some getting used to.

    Check out Caspian, too.

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