Adventures in Linux, Part 2: Breathing Easy Now With Feisty

If you haven’t read the first installment in my Ubuntu Feisty Fawn diary, do so, before reading on.

I spoke too soon: Windows XP still lives, but because of the partitioning mishap, I went ahead and tried to defrag that partition. Wasn’t completely successful, but I’ve went online earlier, and behavior was normal.

And NOW, I have sound on Ubuntu!

See, my MSI motherboard has 6 audio jacks, so I tried connecting my speaker plug to each one, besides the default Line Out (the green one), since my gut tells me the solution is NOT to buy a separate sound card, nor to go through needless troubleshooting via terminal. Behold! I now have sound with the black audio jack, the one for ‘Rear-Surround Out in 5.1/7.1 channel mode‘.

I’m back in the GNU-Linux camp (yay!), and here’s to waiting for the Gutsy Gibbon Ubuntu version in a couple of months.

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