This Blog Just Got Tagged

Since I don’t get tagged at all, not since my Livejournal days, I’ll oblige:

6 Weird Things About Me

  1. When I cook, I don’t depend on measurements 80% of the time. I rely on taste-tests. This isn’t really ideal, because I’d have to approximate again what I did last time I cooked the same dish.
  2. I often skim printed materials back-to-front, but I skip the sports section on newspapers.
  3. I intentionally cough like hell when smokers are around, not because I’m actually affected by the second-hand smoke.
  4. I’m one of those people who’d stare at you with piercing, taunting eyes if you make unnecessary noises in a movie theater, and I don’t care who you’re with, what size you are, your actual gender, etc.
  5. I put granulated sugar in nilagang baka and baboy dishes. Not when cooking, but when I’m eating.
  6. I’d skim the pirated DVD bins for very long hours, and bring home 2-3 titles.

Thanks Karla 😉

I don’t have any big blogger friends now, so anyone who wants to get tagged by yours truly, go ahead.

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