Another Cosplay Shoot

When people metioned over Flickr that there’d be this group shoot at Intramuros  (Manila) of cosplay models last Sunday, I had hesitations, since I had another plan to take photos for the Rangefinder Filipinas book/exhibit project. Oh, and there’s the case of the  insanely hot weather, too.

But then, this would be another group, with a few familiar faces: new stimuli. I’ve met Markku before, who is part of the organizing team of the shoot, and Flickr Philippines mainstay and overall promotor Jolengs will be there as well, so I know I’d have people to talk to.

Then I saw our cosplayer model:

COSPLAY Shoot at Intramuros, Manila

Her pseudonym is Jerry Polence, and after going through some forum threads and web links, she appears to be one of the pioneer local cosplayers, with a good number of fans from the cosplay scene.

But no, I wasn’t there to ogle: I was there to find out how good a user camera the Seagull 4A is. Verdict? The Seagull is a delight to use, no more double exposures (though there’s an override button), and easier focusing, where with enough light, you don’t need to flip up the magnifier for focus-accuracy.

Oh alright, after seeing Jerry, and how effective a model she was, testing the camera was pretty much a secondary thing. I was still intact though, deciding to leave early, missing the gothic lolita costume, since I did want to shoot the Malate street kids for our group project.

Then the sun came setting rapidly, rendering my primary day’s mission a failure. Its the sort of thing you just have to accept when using limited-speed vintage cameras.

View more of the photos here, and again, thanks Markku and Jayvee for organizing the shoot.

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  1. It used to be available as deadstock units in Hidalgo during the 90s, I heard, Jm. Haven’t been in Hidalgo for a long time, though, so I can’t say for sure.

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