Rangefinder Filipinas Updates

Just had what probably is the most cheerful Rangefinder Filipinas (RFilipinas) gathering at Quezon City last friday, where one convert was actually blessed to be sold a Yashica rangefinder camera himself, his first RF.

Picture slideshow from Eddie, our gracious host, can be found here. Other photos from Jay Javier here. All taken with the shooters’ respective Epson RD1s digital RF’s.

RFilipinas’ new project is undeniably a great opportunity for everyone in the group, that its not really a question anymore if we should undertake it. Details to follow when available.


And the old family camera is now working, charged with four LR44 (watch or calculator batteries), and some tinfoil:

S-s-s-something From Old House Crap: Minolta Hi-Matic F

This is now my point, focus, and shoot RF camera 🙂


It was my first time in Hidalgo, Quiapo yesterday, after a good two years. I was told it had some cosmetic surgery, but then, with the number of pedestrians and vendors, one would hardly notice that. Left the place with a lens cap for my Sigma lens (for the DSLR), and a Cokin UV filter for my Yashica Electro 35 GSN. Not exactly loot, but the price of the developing tanks they were offering were just too expensive.

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