Fete de la Musique 2007

Wam, pre-gig puffs
RFilipinas mainstay and percussionist Wam Molina sessioning for Salindiwa

Last time I was at Fete dela Musique, I took these photos. Last week at the multi-stage gig at Malate, I only got to shoot a handful, and spent time with the collective again. Stayed longer at the World Stage, since the other stages were too difficult to shoot without a pass (Universal, Rock), and the other one, I really don’t hold much interest in (Hip-hop).

And remember, this was after I got burnt when the sun was up for the Kapuso Olympics shoot, which, I just found out, I didn’t have to submit pictures to my publishing house sponsor.

When rain fell as RFilipinas was having dinner at Penguin Cafe (are they still keeping the name?), I was still intent on shooting for the remainder of the evening. Sadly, the time of realization to quit came too quick, when my feet were giving up, and my body-sense told me to consider stopping any other plans I had; I also forgot my umbrella, and my DSLR -wherein I shot, as an experiment, a la rangefinder street aesthetic (black-and-white, blur)- was wrapped in my oversized face towel.

Photos here.

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