LOTD: Club Dredd is Back, Crowe’s Singles Review, etc.

Links of the day:

  • Legendary local rock joint Club Dredd is back, and its a 3-minute walk from the office, second floor of Gweilo’s Eastwood. Was never at the original, nor the relocated Club Dredd. But, come to think of it, free gigs are always happening here in Eastwood City anyway, I’d probably only go on nights with a good band line-up.
  • Caught Cameron Crowe’s grunge-rock tribute movie Singles on HBO the other day, and I swear, I was wishing I could see the same movie half an hour before it aired on TV. A very personal review here.
  • Chinese food ‘made from cardboard’. Ugh. Pork baozi was my favorite morning street snack back in Shanghai. Almost the same size as Kowloon House siopao, filled with ginger-y pork bola-bola style, soaking in hot broth inside the bun, and for the equivalent of 6 pesos each.

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