This July Weekend: Hybrid DSLR, Smart Bro Woes, and Digital Tour’s Last Episode

Cynthia Alexander

Was with old college friend, visual artist and Komikera (a collective of comic artists) Lea Lim to watch a Cynthia Alexander gig at Conspiracy Garden Cafe in QC. The day before, I was surprisingly all-giddy about using my M42 lenses again on the 350D DSLR, which I’ve rarely done anyway. My Canon 50mm f1.8 is neat and all, but I wanted to check what the manual focus, vintage Helios-44M 58mm f2 can do, wide-open, in a bar-performance setup.

Sample photo posted above. Not bad. Oh, and Jay Javier just promised me he’d be giving me his Haoda Focus screen, since he doesn’t need one on his Pentax K10D. Good times.

READ: Canon EOS 350D with Helios-44-2 2/58


Smart Bro is up at home again, just today, after several irate calls taken in by their tech support from me. See, a few days ago, I couldn’t power on the computer. Turns out my 350gig hard-disk enclosure setup wouldn’t either, and the cheap AVR led was struggling. Lugged the CPU aboard a Cubao-bound bus, dropped myself off at West Ave -a lot more convenient than Gilmore- and confirmed my hunch: the motherboard got fried. And just when the technician started the PC with the new motherboard, another discovery unleashed: my LAN card is dead, too. So there’s another delay to get a DVD writer and/or a separate video card.


Studio 23’s Digital Tour just aired their last episode a few hours ago. I try to watch the show when I can, though I must admit the urge is mainly powered by gawking at Iya Yotoko host (who, I believe, is the wife of an RFilipinas member I haven’t met). Most memorable moment from the show? When PinoyTechBlog was featured, and one my articles was the one displayed on the segment.

No more local tech-only shows, AFAIK. Net 25’s Convergence? You must be kidding, and out of your mind.


Geek link of the day:

Get this: a large van of three guys and a video camera cruising random streets for girls to pick up, with the promise of money if they decide to tag along. Familiar? Yes, but this time, its called the Math Bus, when the girls do number crunching instead of going on all fours and… Watch MATH BUS! (via Fleshbot)

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