I Like Movies, Too, or Yes, A Non-Photography Post

I’m slowly inching to the topic I frequently wrote when I started blogging, oh, 6 years ago.


Oh, there was a time that an aspiring film major valued my opinions when I was active in Livejournal, and there was this other time I was actively conversing with film critics over at the defunct Indiefilipino.com.


  • Over at my Multiply video archive (where I spend most of my post-work mornings uploading from YouTube) aside from the music videos -from Piaf to J Mascis-, there’s a split-in-three feature on Ingmar Bergman, who just recently died. I’ll say it anyway: beautiful black and white photography. Dang. Must brush up on what I still remember, and should watch, of Bergman.
  • A 10 minute short film of one of my favorite directors, Krzysztof Kieslowski, is up there, too. Would help if there were subtitles, since it appears to be a talkie.
  • And in movies of recent times, cable has been showing Judd Apatow‘s hit 40 Year-Old Virgin (which is a fabulous comedy to note), and I’ve re-rediscovered Miranda July‘s via a short films she wrote (Multiply link). Apatow is increasingly becoming a critic’s fave, and his recent Knocked Up has had favorable reviews. On the other hand, I haven’t heard much form July, but there is an eager anticipation from her followers what her next feature will be after the wonderful Me and You and Everyone We Know, a movie I’m tempted to just force people to see nowadays.


But Rain, why is there so little interest in Cinemanila? Or even the recent Cinemalaya?

See, there’s the work schedule, my proximity to these places (OK, Cubao -where Cinemanila is being held- isn’t really far from the office), and other things I can’t seem to pinpoint. Cinemalaya features can be seen on TV (Channel 5) anyway, and the only Cinemanila movie I was keen on watching, I missed: Anton Corbijn’s Ian Curtis biopic Control. Was I regretful? Well, not as sorry as I was missing the Emilie Simone gig.

And there’s the Tarantino visiting the Philippines thing, which I get, but not interested in. I read somewhere that he hasn’t even changed his shirt since arriving from Japan. Yowza.

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