Theme Installation Ongoing

Please bear with the site, the two or three of you who’re reading right now.

Theme install DONE.

So there goes my spoil-the-blog weekend. But then, with the new categories-to-tags conversion of WP 2.3, I screwed up :/ Now I have to tag ALL my posts accordingly, and figure out how to display a tag cloud somewhere here.

Hence, if the 2-3 of you readers are poking around looking for something, just use the Search bar up there 🙂

7 thoughts on “Theme Installation Ongoing”

  1. dude, you’ve always used 2-column wordpress themes as far as i remember. why don’t you try something else? Illacrimo looks wicked as well as Mezzo, nice and elegant. try something else man, it’ll be good for yah!

    btw, the theme “Blog Oh Blog” is also a good one.

  2. dude, this looks nice na ah..
    one thing though..
    some texts are a little bit too light for the main color..
    konting tweeks na lang.. hehe..
    but, overall, it looks great already..

  3. i think the plain white background and nots so black font is a breath of fresh air.. its cool to the eyes. But anyway, if ur changing it to something cooler, its a go!

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