One Life Less Desired

Andi Manzano at Barbie Almalbis’ 10th Anniversary gig at Eastwood City Central Plaza

Three gigs and a gaming convention (the last big cosplay event for the year), here’re updates:

  • Unanswered emails and private messages? Neglected Flickr photo comments? Ignored Facebook (yes, I’m THERE) notifications? I’m not sure if its because I’m busy or I have really bad time management. Alright, its the latter, I need a calendar system I can actually use.
  • I got this to zone me out when I want to, especially during the daily commute. Love the folder skip feature.
  • Just about finished with a personal photobook project, using open-source software for the layout. No, not Scribus. Uhm, I used Impress, from, which means anyone can do the same thing I did with MS PowerPoint, minus the Export to PDF feature. Here’s hoping the output looks acceptable.
  • In music: Toe beats Té and Envy (new discovery; screamo + post-rock + jap = an alternative to a Deftones fix) in awesomeness. Seriously, I would get drum lessons, because Kashikura Takashi (Toe drummer) is magnificent, but I have to get my own place and get settled in. You know, when this idea of a more desirable life in my head actually manifests before me.

4 thoughts on “One Life Less Desired”

  1. – no comment
    – nice! what happened to lil ‘ol iPod?
    – a solo project? are there self-portraits here? ‘coz, you know … ehehehe.
    – seriously, do drums then we’ll get someone to do bass and vocals, or we can do a three-piece-trifecta!

  2. -I lost it. No, I was perfectly fine when I did. I wouldn’t be if I didn’t have backup, though.

    -No. Look at the latest photo on my Flickr stream.

    -Jay can do bass, you do your Slash-is-god licks, and I’ll pretend I can actually play drums! Seriously too. We can rent a cheap studio for a few hours and just do whatever. POST ROCK KIIIILLLLLLLLLLSSSSS.

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