A Few Gig Photosets Not Posted Yet Here


Urbandub ‘Under Southern Lights’ Album Launch
November 23, 2007

It was another badly lit stage performance at the central plaza, but I’m a bit glad I’ve had my favorite lens with me again after getting it from the service center to take out the fungi buildup.


MYXMO 2007
November 20, 2007

Was officially Typecast’s photographer that night. Did that give me privilege to shoot them from the stage? No. First big event to cover, unfortunately, the photographers’ pit can only be useful if you have at least a 200mm lens.


Admit One 6th Anniversary Gig
November 17, 2007

All photos are in black-and-white, since I settled for minimal flash use that night. First time to see Imago.

The Dawn

JackTV Boombox at Eastwood City
November 10, 2007

Got to shoot Typecast. Was able to get passable photos of The Dawn, with the kit lens.

Katwo (Duster) with Nico

Stripped at Route 196
November 7, 2007

Vocalists without their bands.

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