Three Gigs

This site needs some attention. Badly.

So here:

The Youth
Dodong Cruz of The Youth

December 8: Club Dredd, a gig with Ursa Minor and The Youth. Ursa Minor was interesting as they had heavy ‘grunge’ influences, though they had massive doses of that Hum influence, Hum being an all-time favorite American rock outfit of mine… OK and their drummer was gorgeous. The Youth did not disappoint, though Dodong Cruz’s sometime glare was menacing. Ah this was one of the biggest bands from the 90s, and their performance still reeked awesomeness. They finished the set with a cover of The Cure’s A Night Like This.


Anabel of Analog

December 9: It was my second chance to watch Rock The Riles, a Rock Ed Philippines project, and though I believe I was better prepared and ‘learned‘ photographically speaking from last year, I still think I did a very lousy personal coverage of the event. I consider myself lucky to have a handful of photos to show. Oddly, I liked the Boni photos best.


Katwo of Duster

December 13: It gets worse. Probably the worst bar gig night shoot I had, but I was glad there wasn’t an entrance fee. But I was able to get THIS, and that made up for those crappy photos I’ve been taking lately. Be sure to read the write-up.

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