Dreddbanger’s Ball

As far as the local music scene is concerned, I’m up for those oufits just hovering around the mainstream circuit, like the Terno bands. Sadly, a good number of the younger bands sound the same, which does reflect the sort of sound coming out of the radio and the music video channels as well, anyway.

Since Club Dredd is pretty close, and I haven’t shot a gig for weeks, I went and shot a part of the scene I don’t think I was ever exposed to: the metal side of things.

Descant Gott
Descant Gott at Dreddbanger’s Ball, Club Dredd, Eastwood City, Libis, QC

Last Saturday was Dreddbanger’s Ball, and armed with a camera and (for-underwater-use) earplugs, I got out with a handful of snaps from bands like Kneels on Nails (hardcore with dashes of interesting un-metal inserts), Badburn (classic 90s, Rollins-like), Cog (tight, with a sax player), Intolerant (good stuff; Skychurch frontman in another band), and Descant Gott (have to brush up with more recent female-fronted metal to make a sensible description, but they were indeed heavy). In sum, I’m glad I went, and here’s to the next party.

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